The borders are not meant to break the human relationships but to run and maintain the respective countries but unfortunately these have been converted into bloody demarcations by politicians. On the Line of Control (LoC) between India and Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir, the skirmishes have become a daily routine and culminate at the loss of lives of innocent civilians on both sides of the divide. What follows is the summoning of diplomats by both countries to register respective protest over the ceasefire violations. And the cycle continues. This bloodbath on Indo-Pak border is only adding to the uncertainty in the whole subcontinent. The skirmishes are seeing no let up since past few months and have consumed scores of human lives and hundreds of families were forced to migrate. Unfortunate part is that the relationship between both nations is falling to the lowest ebb and is seeing no improvement. The blame game that continues benefits neither India nor Pakistan but what is needed is that both New Delhi and Islamabad show maturity in dealing with the mutual contentious issues and sort those out through diplomatic channels. In this postmodernist era and given the fact that both countries are nuclear powers, it is obvious there would be no winner in the war.