Asif Iqbal
Srinagar, June 20: A court in Bhaderwah has issued non-bailable warrant of arrest against chairman of Hurriyat Cobference (G) Syed Ali Geelani in 1989 case.
“The members of Kashmir High Court Bar Association castigated the issuance of non-bailable warrant by a court at Baderwah against Syed Ali Shah Geelani in a 1989 case and sending of a police team to arrest him, least brothering to know that the octogenarian leader, who is surviving on half of his one kidney, the other one, having been removed in 2002, when he was jailed in Ranchi, is under house arrest for the last seven years and besides not being allowed to moveout of his home,” a spokesman of the KHCBA said.
The lawyers’ body also strongly denounces the using of NIA by the government of India against pro-freedom leadership, including one of its prominent Bar member, Advocate Shahid-ul-Islam, who after the raiding of his house was summoned to Delhi, where, for the last one week, he is being asked to attend the NIA office daily, from morning to evening and after making him to sit there for the whole day, is told to come again, the next day. “This is not only happing with him, but with all those who have been summoned to Delhi, including Altaf Ahmad Shah, the son-in-law of Syed Ali Shag Geelani, who is reportedly being asked to depose against Syed Ali Shah Geelani, if he wants a safe exit from the case.”
In a meeting of Executive Members held here, it was stated that under Section 6 of the National Agency Investigation Act, when NIA receives any information relating to any scheduled offence, it has to forward its report to the State government which is supposed to send the same to the Central government  and the Central government on the basis of the information made available by the State government has to determine as to whether the offence is a scheduled offence or not and if so, it has to direct the NIA to investigate the offence. “In the present case, however, the Central Govt., leaving the State Govt. aside, has exercised suo-motu powers and has entrusted the investigation of the case to the NIA, with a direction to leave no stone unturned in fabricating and concocting evidence to frame the pro-freedom leadership and their activists in the case,” the lawyers body added.