It is indeed a positive development that students who were misled by the elements inimical to peace and made to come on streets, have returned to the roots. The students should realise that any negative effect on their carrier can ruin their whole life and they would be left to only regret. None of those prompting the students to choose streets over classrooms will come to their rescue. Also, there is a dire need for requisite parental and societal counseling of our students so that they do not go astray and miss on education. It is unfortunate that incidents of stone pelting and road-side agitations involving students of high and higher secondary schools affected the education of these ‘future of the nation’. The students should focus on their education and carrier and get involved in academic and co-curricular activities rather being chased by law enforcing agencies on the roads. This is really a dismaying and disturbing situation which needs to be addressed through coordinated and vigilant efforts of teachers, parents and the society. Interestingly, one fails to understand on whom they were pelting stones? Perhaps we live in one society and it is beyond one’s comprehension as who is pelting stones on whom? The time has come for the people to ponder over the prevailing scenario where a whole generation is being pushed into academic disempowerment. Though the students have every right to seek redress of their grievances through peaceful protest but by coming out on the roads and pelting stones on unsuspecting citizens, the youth of the state are doing no good either to themselves or to the society.