Once again, Kashmiri students were brutally beaten up by a group of 15-20 goons in Haryana’s Mahendragarh. Though the government of Jammu Kashmir strongly took the issue with the Haryana government which led to the arrest of the culprits, some points need to be raised here. The attack of Kashmiris in other parts of the country gives a clear gory picture of how negligence the successive governments of the state have exhibited with regard to measures taken to secure and safeguard the lives of Kashmiris studying, travelling or doing business outside J&K. Kashmiris continue to feel insecure in other parts of the country. The Government of India also has not taken any such step that would have prevented such assaults on our youth. The successive rulers of the state have nothing to show except making hollow assurances that such incidents won’t happen in future. Both state and the central government have to step in to put end to such terror and dreadful attacks faced by Kashmiris by whatever elements outside the state lest it becomes too late.