Schools, both public and private, in Kashmir province are scheduled to open on first of March this year in the wake of pleasant weather. Well begin is half done.
After winter breakThe teachers who have the pivotal role in educational activities are expected to be zealous enough to start the interesting business after about three months. We all know that teaching is not a profession like other professions but it is a compassion to noble souls.
Teachers are not those who are power hungry, money-minting machines and exploiters .T hey are the well wishers of humanity irrespective of any class .They command respect because they earn it. They are proud of their service they render to the humanity without caring for material gains.
They may be low paid but they know that they are the one’s who are highly respected members of the society. Late Dr.Radha Krishnan and Dr.Zakir Husain reached the highest position in the country, the presidentship, and late sheikh Mohammad Abdullah earned the title of Sher-i-Kashmir.They where teachers.
Respected teachers! I’m sure that you believe that work is virtue. Do it with complete sense of responsibility. You know that once we cease to be learners we cease to be teachers.
You are the one’s who go to the class fully prepared, abreast with the latest content and methods, Love and affection are the best medium of imparting concepts and inculcating values- You are the role model that the young children take for sure. Please! Wear a smiling mood so that you raise the spirits of your learners. When you laugh, whole world laughs with you.
When you weep, you weep alone shun all the boredom and monotony. Befriend those who crave for warmth. Float fully ascertained information, universal values and standard lessons. Do not make any compromise with quality education that goes into charter building of children. Give the society its due; you will be never deprived of yours.