It is unfortunate that despite the reports of five deaths due to swine flu this year coming to fore, authorities have exhibited a sheer lackadaisical approach by failing to aware the general public about the causes, symptoms and precautionary measures related to this disease. Scores of swine flu patients are undergoing treatment in various hospitals and this has raised a serious concern among people and the grim scenario like the lack of awareness about the virus has put the whole population at risk of a deadly outbreak. The authorities are duty-bound to report and inform public about the precautionary measures and update them with every development. Shockingly, the doctors association has accused the health officials of valley’s tertiary care hospital SKIMS of hushing up swine flu deaths and cases. This, if true, is not only unethical but criminal. As reported, this season’s swine flu virus has mutated and is behaving unusually attacking healthier individuals. As such, the health authorities should have stepped up surveillance and made regular updates public but the authorities’ downplaying of the looming threat is unfortunate. To control the flu cases, the timely reporting is essential so that people can take precautions. Taking such cases lightly speaks of the apathy of the health officials and tantamount to playing with the lives of people. It is high time authorities take concrete measures to create mass awareness regarding the swine flu and make necessary arrangements to cope up with the situation that may unfold.