As per the schedule, non-metered and metered consumers in the valley have to face twenty one and forty two hour power cuts, respectively.

Schedule list of Feeder Number 1 Manchowa Kralapora

Frequent power cuts have made the situation miserable for us. Despite the fact that we have been paying regular bills, we are left to suffer amid freezing cold, Mohammad Ashraf, a resident of Manchowa Baghe Mehtab  told Kashmir Glory.  We are recieving electricity from Baghe Mehtab from feeder Number 1 Machoowa but as according to employees of grid they are saying that due to ourloading trip of Feeder Numbet 1 automatically goes down we are helpless in this regard. Residents of Manchowa Kralapora told our News Service that from last couple of days we are living in old age as we are only living just six and a half kilometres away from summer capital Srinagar and the receiving station Bgahe Mehtab is only few meteres away from our area still unsheduled power cuts make our life hell in this  harsh winter we are not even  recieving a schedule power supply , The residents says now we are appealing higher authorities to look in this matter, so we can’t suffer further in future.
One of the officials of the PDD department said that that curtailment was enforced by excessive overloading . Due to the excessive overloading in some areas, we have to cut power for more hours,the official said, appealing people to avoid misuse of electricity.
The official said the system is heavily overloaded load. However, he accused that that people are resorting to theft and hooking. Even in posh colonies people resort to hooking creating problem in smooth supply of electricity.